Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another post already. I'm on fire. The basement is nearing completion. I'll have more pictures of that up soon. I'll also post more pictures of the house and the rooms. I may even put up a video tour. We'll see. I have more pictures of the kids to go up soon too.

The Cherry Blossom festival is March 28th to April 12th, if anyone would like to come down. If you want more information on the festival check out this web page:

Cherry Blossom Festival

My friends Keiko and Ray just got married and I was the DJ for the wedding. Keiko and I were on the Morehead State Bowling team together. It was a really cool wedding and we had a lot of fun. Here's some pictures. I took them with my cell phone so they aren't the best quality.

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scott e jones - dj said...

holy crap ernie. You are Dj'ing in DC? - Maybe we should start a Washington DC office of Jerry Bruno Productions? - Way to go homie!