Monday, June 30, 2008

I've moved

Nothing too exciting that I'm adding today, but I've moved again. I've moved in with an old college bowling team member Keiko Kinoshita. She lives in a condo with her fiance Ray. It's a little farther away from where I work but, it will cost me a lot less. They are on vacation right now, but once they get back it will be nice to interact with people outside of work. Today's picture is one I took a while ago, but I think it's a cool picture. The sun was setting behind Autumn. I had to use a lot of flash to light her up since the sun was so bright. Below that is a picture from the Stella Maris retreat center when we went up to visit Aunt Agnes. It's hopefully much warmer there now then when the picture was taken. As always, click the pictures to make them bigger. I believe the Stella Maris pictures are in one of my shutterfly galleries, you can click on the link over there on the left if you want to see more pictures of Stella Maris. Till next time.... E.

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dovesign29 said...

Happy Birthday, Ernie! See you in OBX.